Our Mission

At Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic, we provide both affordable sterilization surgeries and vaccines for cats and dogs, helping to reduce the unwanted pet population and promote animal health and safety to the community. By taking the lead in public education to influence responsible pet owner behaviors, we will improve the health and well-being of the animals we interact with.





Spay/Neuter Transport Program

The pet overpopulation problem in Indiana and our nation as a whole has no borders. To extend our impact beyond our Brownsburg and Noblesville locations, we started the Spay/Neuter Transport Program to reach under served counties in Indiana. Most notably, we've brought our services to Marion, Hancock, Shelby, Carroll, Johnson, Madison, Carroll, Boone, Clinton, Tippecanoe, Montgomery and Delaware counties, where local pet owners are otherwise lacking low-cost spay and neuter options. We partner with local animal advocates to recruit patients in these underserved areas and then schedule a pick-up date and location for transport. As of 2017 we have transported 12,398 cats and dogs for their spay/neuter surgery. Our numbers are steadily increasing in 2018 as we are continuing to grow our transport, and reach out to more underserved communities. 


Over 150,000 Surgeries

Since 2006, we've performed over 150,000 surgeries. Because our primary focus is on spay and neuter surgeries, we not only provide great value to our customers, but also a higher quality of care for the pets and animals we fix.


Pet Overpopulation

Each year, six to eight million animals are to shelters, and roughly 50 percent are later euthanized. By providing high quality spay and neuter services, we aim to reduce the number of euthanized animals caused by pet overpopulation. We believe a pet owner's inability to afford sterilization services should not be the cause of an unwanted litter.